Places to Scoop Up Free Boxes and Supplies for Your Relocation

Buying moving boxes is a waste of your precious moving resources, but maybe you didn’t save your boxes from your last move. Then what do you do? Well, before you head out to your local hardware store to purchase boxes consider these great alternatives for getting boxes for free!

1. Check

In the classified section, under “for sale” there are typically a few different people in your area willing to give their boxes away for free as long as you come to pick them up. After you move, you can use the same technique to get those boxes off your hands.

2. Check with the stocking and deliveries department of your local grocery store.

Cheap Movers NYC, an affordable New York mover, suggests to simply ask a store clerk if you could speak to a manager about taking some of their delivery boxes off their hands. Since these boxes are typically crushed before being thrown away, the grocery store manager should have no issue with you taking them away to use for your projects.

3. Check with a local pet store.

Pet stores receive dozens of big sturdy boxes a week holding heavy items like dog food. These boxes are then broken down and thrown away unless someone like you comes and asks the manager if you can have them. Be sure to specify that you don’t want any boxes that fish food was transported in. Those boxes smell about the way you would expect them to smell.

4. Wait for trash or recycling night.

Comb the streets on a night when everybody will have their trash out on the curb. Take a flashlight so that you can see whether the boxes are grimy. To find your trash and recycling schedule, follow this link.

5. Ask a bookstore for their delivery boxes.

Bookstores get shipments of very heavy books all the time. This means that they are an excellent resource for small and sturdy boxes perfect for holding your heavier items.

6. Ask a coffee shop for their boxes.

Deliveries at coffee shops come in all shapes and sizes. From small heavy boxes of coffee beans to large boxes of snacks and a la carte items. Coffee shops are probably the best resource on this list for finding large boxes to pack your lighter items.

7. Find specialty boxes at retail stores.

Stores like Target, JC Penny, and Marshalls get shipments of all differently sized and shaped objects. So if you are looking to find a box to hold your wine glasses, photo frames, or other oddly shaped fragile items, then retail stores are going to be your best bet. Check out this link for a thorough list of stores that have been known to give their boxes away.

8. Check U-Haul’s box exchange message board.

This message board is set up specifically for people to be able to find free boxes in their area. Simply type in your zip code and scroll through the posts until you find someone offering what you need. When you are all done moving this can be an excellent resource to return to for getting rid of your used moving boxes.

If you do a little work, then you should be able to find all the boxes you need for free. For additional money saving during the packing process use towels, clothes, and blankets to pad fragile items. You can also save the newspaper to use as packing paper to add cushion around extra delicate items. Buying packing supplies don’t have to be a significant expense of your move as long as you follow these great tips!

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