Six of the Best Ways to Save Money on Your Upcoming Move

An upcoming move can be tiring, stressful and costly; however, there are several ways you can save money on your relocation. Keep these money-saving tips from Imperial Moving & Storage (83 Washington Place, New York, NY 10011, (212) 879-6683) in mind when planning your move.

1. Don’t forget tax deductions!

A key way to save money on moving is through tax deductions. Taking tax deductions on your move can save money, especially if the move is for work. Items that are part of your decluttering process and will be used as a donation, donate them as a tax deduction.


2. Request a free on-site moving survey

One very efficient way to make your move less costly is to request a free on-site moving survey. Your moving company can schedule a date and time, visit your home and do a free onsite survey on what needs to be moved. This survey takes the guesswork on the cost of your move and the moving company can give you some helpful tips on how to make a move go smoother and with less hassle. Some movers even offer electronic pre-move surveys, so you don’t have to schedule a time to be home to meet the moving crew.

3. Be ready to go

In addition, another way to save money is to be packed and ready to go when your movers arrive.

  • When your movers arrive, you won’t waste money waiting for them to finish the work for you.
  • All they will need to do is load the truck.
  • Be sure to label all the boxes.
  • Make sure the boxes are labeled on the top, as well as the sides of the box.


4. Save money on boxes

Saving money on boxes is another great way to save money. Many retailers recycle cardboard boxes, and you can get them for free at liquor stores.

Wrap packages carefully; that will require some paper product. Use newspapers to pack up your items.

  • Newspapers work well when packing up items and are especially useful when packing delicate items.
  • If you don’t have newspaper, stop by your local newspaper office and ask for old issues.

5. Use those old blankets

If you have some old blanket lying around, you may want to get rid of them but don’t! They could help you with the move. If you are moving by yourself, drape them over your tables, chairs, nightstands and other delicate furniture. Blankets can prevent scrapes and small dents and can save you money.

6. Consider a portable storage container

Most importantly, if you have many items to move and the distance to your next move is long, you may want to consider a portable storage container.

  • In some cases, they are a bit more expensive, but they can make a move more flexible.
  • You can hold on to a portable storage container for a long time and unload when you have time to do so.

To conclude, an upcoming move can be tiring, stressful and costly. Follow the above tips and have a smooth and less stressful move!


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